Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Sen Mitsuji, Yuusuke Hirose, Riku Ootomo, Takeshi Uematsu and Kentaro Sawano in Editorial for 
VMan #20, Winter 2011

Models: Takeshi Uematsu, Kentaro Sawano (Pic 2 & 3), Sen Mitsuji, Yuusuke Hirose and Riku Ootomo
Editorial: Tokyo Tribe
Magazine: VMan #20, Winter 2011
Photographer: Koichiro Doi
Stylist: Shun Watanabe
Makeup: Uda (S-14)
Hair: Asashi

Source: Fashionisto & VMan

These male models are super duper HOT! apart from their cheek-bones which i obsessed  to have, i am so totally in-loved with the tribal concept that was clearly drawn onto the models and printed on these wonderful fabrics..the heavily textured fabrics and accessories were purposely designed in such a manner in order to convey the idea plus the story behind it. As am really a fan of the layered style that comes naturally from the Japanese blood, i can never get bored of the creative layering concept ... Brilliant!

But! If in any case there is an instant cheek-bones enhancement clinic or magic cream, pls let me be the first to know!! hehehe.

Adrian Jiun

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  1. these photos are awesome! and yes, i would love to have those cheekbones.