Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Mr Gary Goh - Chairman of Singapore Jewel Fest 2010
Gold Heart Brand Manager

 Francis Cheong's Design - Singapore Fashion Designer 

 Erwin, known as Mr Fetch - The Fetch Blog Editor

 Imran from Urban - Journalist (left)

 Kien M Lee (centre) - SENATUS Founder and Managing Director

Desmond (left) - Passion Salon

Addie Low (Centre) with double button shirt - +3Production's Founder
Shervin Tan (left) with Black Jacket - Singapore Top Fashion Stylist
Others - +3Productions Team/Models

Here was how Mr Fetch and i started our Pro-Fashion October. We were lucky to be kindly invited to the exquisite event of the month by Mr Gary Goh, the Chairman of Singapore Jewel Fest 2010/ Gold Heart Brand Manager.

I remember Erwin and i "died" instantly when the both of us stepped into the event. We could not get our eyes off the "super blink" Jewels which were all waving at us! All we did was to smile.. and continue Fetch our way to the seats near by the Runway. Only by avoiding our eye contact with the Jewels made us "survive" through out the event .. lol.  I wonder when can i afford to grab all these Jewel ... Tempted much! 

I love the fashion show choreographed  by Daniel Boey, Singapore famous Fashion Director. On top of that, Hair by Action Hair Salon, Make-up by Shu uemura, the models, who were in their beautiful Francis Cheong dresses did an excellent job modelling them. The jewelry on the models looked stunningly Beautiful.  Erwin and my favourite would be the shoulder piece that was from Goldheart. It is so beautiful. Totally fetch and Pro-Fashionally Fetch!!! "We Died"!

It was also an honour to meet Imran from Urban during the event and was flattered when he selected us for some online thingy about our outfit. We were overwhelmed by surprise to remember anything. And.. i was selected for the Hey Good Looking column.

Well we had wonderful sore eye from Singapore Jewel Fest 2010 (in a good way), and another Jewel Fest event to attend on the 6th of Oct before the Fetch and Pro-Fashion team fly to Sydney Fashion Week! 

Wonderful people, Exquisite Opening Jewel Fest, Spotted by the media, and Happy Fetch - Pro-Fashion team! 

My Pocket Wardrobe.

Photos Credit : Erwin & Adrian : The Fetch and Pro-Fashion team.

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