Saturday, November 13, 2010

IF THEY COULD BE ANIMATED into an Animated Runway Show


Guinevere Van Seenus.

Guinevere Van Seenus.

Irina Lazareanu.

Jessica Stam.

MariaCarla Boscono.

I am always a big fan of real live drawings.. and these drawings created by Abby Macculloch was amazingly stunning! As an animator, the nature of my creative mind, i was wondering how nice if i could animate these drawings into a 2d runway show.. with all these amazing stokes illustrated by Abby Macculloch using the medium of charcoal, it creates live and movement into the portraits of each models . what more can i say? These drawings blown me away, and i really wanna see them animated.

For more information about this amazing artist, click ABBY MCCULLOCH

Mypocket wardrobe.

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