Saturday, March 5, 2011


Its his Second Fashion show in Paris and all i can do is sit and watch it on You Tube.. i just wish i was there to witness every garment designed by Harry Halim.. always admires his talented creative mind and hands.. i wish i could do that one day..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

See a Peek at Mermaid Gemma Ward in Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides

Can you identify where is Gemma in this video?? =)

Just incase you all are curious about Gemma's Acting skills... take a look at the sneak peak i found on youtube. enjoy you allz!!


Adrian Jiun.

Watch Gemma Ward Speak at Her First Public Appearance in Three Years

Adrian Jiun.

Local fashion industry - Singapore, has commented on the looks of a Gemma-look-alike girl, a so-called 'Asian Gemma': Erika.T

Just recently, Australian supermodel Gemma Ward returned to the spotlight after a long break away from Heath Ledger's death and her last modeling career. This time, Ward has her interest turned towards the world of Acting with major roles in movies such as the Pirates of the Carribeans. We certainly are missing her alot!

Nevertheless, while the return of Gemma Ward is buzzing within the world of fashion, in another part of Singapore, many in the local fashion industry has commented on the looks of a Gemma-look-alike girl, a so-called 'Asian Gemma': Erika.T

Erika has just started out fresh in Singapore, her natural born talent gave her a sophisticated sense of style which brings out her own unique taste and fashion sense. In terms of Fashion Shoots.. her nature to pose and model infront of the camera, interests lots of photographers, stylist and make-up artist that are willing to work with her. We shall anticipate her next big break in Singapore!

Here's Erika's Style Philosophy if you guys are interested to know more.

ERIKA's Style Philosophy --- Its mainly sophisticated, edgy, biker/rebellious look. I like plain colours more especially black and white, and earth colours. i style myself everyday base on how i feel on that day, what id like to express on that particular day. we dress to express :D


Model: Erika.T
Photographers: Jacky Tan, Shannon Kaitlyn Veronica
Stylists: Shannon Kaitlyn Veronica and Erika. T

Model Erika. T's portfolio and contact detail is @

Adrian Jiun.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate FEATHERS!

Feather Series all the way from a rewind towards year 2007 and 2008.. and i think, i would not mind to give another rebellious Post modern design to my new collection ! stay tuned!

From left, selections from the London collections of Giles Deacon, Gareth Pugh and Marios Schwab.
(Photographs by Jonathan Player)

Adrian Jiun

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simply Stylish!

Prince Pelayo rocks all sorts of style!


Sen Mitsuji, Yuusuke Hirose, Riku Ootomo, Takeshi Uematsu and Kentaro Sawano in Editorial for 
VMan #20, Winter 2011

Models: Takeshi Uematsu, Kentaro Sawano (Pic 2 & 3), Sen Mitsuji, Yuusuke Hirose and Riku Ootomo
Editorial: Tokyo Tribe
Magazine: VMan #20, Winter 2011
Photographer: Koichiro Doi
Stylist: Shun Watanabe
Makeup: Uda (S-14)
Hair: Asashi

Source: Fashionisto & VMan

These male models are super duper HOT! apart from their cheek-bones which i obsessed  to have, i am so totally in-loved with the tribal concept that was clearly drawn onto the models and printed on these wonderful fabrics..the heavily textured fabrics and accessories were purposely designed in such a manner in order to convey the idea plus the story behind it. As am really a fan of the layered style that comes naturally from the Japanese blood, i can never get bored of the creative layering concept ... Brilliant!

But! If in any case there is an instant cheek-bones enhancement clinic or magic cream, pls let me be the first to know!! hehehe.

Adrian Jiun

Monday, November 15, 2010

Givenchy Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010 2011 Paris

Images of Givenchy's couture winter 2011 (1) and (3) by willy vanderperre [nyt]
Givenchy’s ten majestic looks were captured beautifully in a portrait by Willy Vanderperre.

I simply just could not take my eyes off these couture dresses from Givenchy.. for a moment, i certainly would not mind to wear that just for a day will do.. This is Majorly Amazing!! i adore every single detail and design being planted into these couture dresses.

If only i could be at the preview event  in Paris.. i would die in front of these beautiful dresses.. 

This is super inspiring!  i am in love with it!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

IF THEY COULD BE ANIMATED into an Animated Runway Show


Guinevere Van Seenus.

Guinevere Van Seenus.

Irina Lazareanu.

Jessica Stam.

MariaCarla Boscono.

I am always a big fan of real live drawings.. and these drawings created by Abby Macculloch was amazingly stunning! As an animator, the nature of my creative mind, i was wondering how nice if i could animate these drawings into a 2d runway show.. with all these amazing stokes illustrated by Abby Macculloch using the medium of charcoal, it creates live and movement into the portraits of each models . what more can i say? These drawings blown me away, and i really wanna see them animated.

For more information about this amazing artist, click ABBY MCCULLOCH

Mypocket wardrobe.