Monday, August 30, 2010

Junkies Junk Sale in Malaysia

I wish i could have all of this vintage stuff!!

Look at these steering sitting behind the background, i have No idea why??! lol

Look closely to the glowing sign, thats the street named Jalan Tan Hok Kee.

Good stuff!! too bad i only have Sg dollars with me at that time.

She is Venessa, Halin's friend.

Was interested with the Pixie short hair!! not her Skirt!!

Mr Halin Ghooi, Current young Hairstylist X Club Dj X flea market organizer.

THAT's cafe! where the young people spins and showoff  their Fashion and Music!

Here comes Halin again

Halin and i!

Lovin the Vintage store here. 

for more Information, do add them on Facebook:

This is my favorite stall as well. I love all these vintage toys. want them all in my room!

These DJ's are spinning the Perfect music at the right place !! Retro!

Lovin the whole long hair style !

Miss Johor! just kidding they are the only malay people selling cool staff in the flea market.

for more information about the junk sales, please visit this link : junkjunkies 2nd

All of this was taken during my visit back to Johor Bahru Malaysia, my home town. 

I have been looking through this amazing flea market called the Junkies Junk Sale, organized by Halin Ghooi and 3 other partners (the Junkies) together. These young arty people have been doing this for the past 2 years.. and finally i got the chance to visit them.

What impressed me was the entire street is filled with creative fashionable people. Also, this street has it's own historical value, in terms of settings, lighting, shop houses. You will see styles and images reflecting from the 70's. It really changed my perception of the JB'rians fashion sense, as i use to think that they are all "obit" and Tecky! Well, in Junkies Junk Sale, people there prove me wrong!

Nevertheless, This place contained the foot prints and memories from my ancestors... and the last person in the Tan family who lived here was my wonderful father. he spend most of his childhood here. The only thing that i could remember vividly from this place was my grand father once owned a fabric shop, and gain quite a huge reputation in the textile market as a successful business men. 

Am really happy to see Creative people like us today were still able to cultivate the culture from the 70's and transform it into a whole new statement. 

The trip back to visit Junkies Junk sales gave me the inspiration to collaborate something special, which relates to Fashion with them. So do stay tune for more upcoming events soon!

Adrian Jiun
My Pocket Wardrobe.

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