Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Face Model Erika Huey 2010

Hello people, 

Its been like a week or two since i last updated my blog.. sorry for the delay.. 

i've been working on my own projects  like wedding vids and photography.. dressing models in fashion shows..
doing hair shows.. and attending events lately.. 

will have more updates coming up. 

stay tuned!

Below will be updates on the New Face Model who i've been loving and following her!!

i present to you Erika Huey once again!

This is one of my favorite picture of hers. look at how elegant is her pose in that oriental looking garment. Erika has truly improved so much from the last time we did photo-shoots for her.   

Photo credited to: Jason Wong (Photographer) 

                                Nicole Luneburg: (Stylist/Photographer)f
model: Erika Huey 

Thanks to the photographers, make up artist to make this happened. 

Am really happy to see her come so far. 
good job to Jason Wong, Nicole Luneburg & Erika Huey!

Adrian Jiun,
My Pocket Wardrobe.

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